Operations Manager - International marcomms agency


This role concerns everything that ensures an international marketing agency runs smoothly

- You will ensure the different people who must work together to help create campaigns, are effectively co-ordinated

- You will help improve agency systems

- You will run the basic administration of the agency (not the finance admin, which has its own team, with whom you will liaise)

This role will be for you if:

- You will enjoy working with and co-ordinating the diverse and sometimes difficult personalities that are found in every successful agency

- You have the diplomatic, team - playing skills to make that co-ordination successful

- You are ready to do the basic admin. tasks, as well as working with senior management

- You are excited by the world of marketing communications and the people who work in it. You are OK with hipsters :-)

Relevant experience?

- Office management in a similar type of company (where people are important)

- Junior HR roles

- Previous agency account management experience (perhaps you seek to return to the agency world but not in a front-line role)

Fluent English is a definite advantage, fluent Czech is assumed.