Wednesday, January 20

the Meerkat. The animal that has saved the British advertising industry.


This is a meerkat. It lives in South Africa. However an animated "Russian" meerkat is the star of the most popular TV ad of 2009 in the UK. The ad is for Compare The, one of the price comparison websites, which have become big businesses in the UK; and its competitors have been forced to respond, resulting in much needed work for agencies. To understand the ad, you need to know that in the last few years the British have heard a lot more English with Russian accents; it's a very distinctive accent which is easily recognised. When a Russian says "market", it sounds like "meerkat". And so, we are introduced to the Russian meerkat, Aleksandr Orlov, and his catchphrase which young British people (and me:-)) have adopted, "simples".



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