Tuesday, January 18

Saturday morning e-shopping; mixed results.


One of the advantages of e-shopping is supposed to be that it is more efficient, and people make less useless journeys. I put this concept to the test.

 1.  I need a new pair of boots for cross - country skiing. Since I have Salomon skis I really like, I decide to stick with them, identify on their website some of the models which might suit, and read some reviews. I Google the boot I prefer, on CZ domains. Up comes the website of Sportissimo. They have the boot, and at a reduced price. I can order it there and then, without leaving my house, but I think its foolish to buy shoes without trying them on. Fortunately Sportissimo offers both e-shopping and permanent shops - and they use the combination brilliantly. I am able to find which shop has my shoe in my preferred size, and then reserve it. A couple of hours later I arrive at their shop in Arkady Pankrac; my shoes are waiting for me. Five minutes later, I am on my way home with them. Thats what I call shopping. Good work, Sportissimo! Rating: 10/10

 2.  I need to renew my Opencard. Well now at last I can do this on the internet. And it seems that we have been freed from the tyranny of the calendar. I can buy my Opencard for any twelve month period I like. But having bought it I have to validate it, at the latest by the day it starts (why?) For this I have to go to one of the few validation machines. That is when I discover that I still had two weeks left on my old Opencard. Despite all the money spent on this thing, there seems to be no way you can find out on the internet about the status of your Opencard. Rating: 6/10 

3. How about Jazz Dock this evening? Well who's playing? lets go to the website. Click on "program" and... just an invite to receive information by email - which arrives five days later! Actually when I return to the website a week later, a program does appear. What use is a website for a Jazz club, other than to tell you who is playing? Jazz Dock is a great place, maybe this was a one-off technical problem. Rating: 4/10

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