Tuesday, September 21

"Rock’n’ roll star? I’d rather be a marketing director!"


There is something rather wonderful behind the apparently perplexing news that Bruce Dickinson, vocalist with heavy metal superstars, Iron Maiden, is now the marketing director of an airline.

My wife often recounts the story of her first job, as assistant to the CEO of Autec, the BMW dealer. Just a few years after the revolution, she found herself hurtling to meetings with him, in the best car on the street - and "Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter" was blasting out on the stereo. Her boss, like most blokes, secretly yearned to have Dickinson's "job". It now seems that Bruce Dickinson, on-stage before thousands of adoring fans, yearned for a spreadsheet and a sales conference.

Well it's not quite like that; the Dickinson career path is even more interesting. It seems that Dickinson is a qualified pilot. There are other stars who can fly a plane, such as John Travolta, but Dickinson has actually been working as a commercial pilot for a British airline which flies charter flights to holiday resorts.

Presumably Dickinson has learnt that great public speaking style of British pilots - ultra-calm and fatherly. I wonder if he ever was tempted to surprise his passengers with an announcement like "Good morning from the flight deck, ladies and gentlemen, I'm your captain, Bruce Dickinson, and its my pleasure to fly you down to Palma today on Astraeus flight 666 - the Number of the Beast!"

I never really liked Iron Maiden, so I had never paid much attention to Bruce Dickinson, but his Wikipedia page is a quite startling insight into a man with much to be proud of.
He has been named by "Intelligent Life" magazine as a living example of a polymath - a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. This not the story of a rock star who blew away all his riches - Dickinson is doing this work because he enjoys it.

Publicising this story may cause me some problems, however. Generally I am forever advising people that even an advertising career doesnt usually qualify you for a marketing director role - now I can expect people to answer me with "What about Bruce Dickinson, then?". On the other hand, maybe it means that I can soon expect a cv form David Koller ...



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