Friday, November 05

Forum Media; voices from behind the Wall


At Forum Media I hosted a round table which considered the relationships between clients and agencies across Europe. Increasingly these relationships are not restricted national borders, nor do they rely on agencies to open offices in each territory where the campaigns run. We had video contributions from two agencies which have become synonymous with this ‘borderless' approach.

Amsterdam Worldwide are part of the vibrant community of creative agencies who use Amsterdam as their base from which to work around the world. Their CEO, Brian Elliott, considers what has made Amsterdam such an attractive location, and whether Prague could also be an international creative centre.

See the video here


North Kingdom, on the other hand, come from Skelleftea. It's a town in the Swedish Arctic Circle, with a population of 30,000 human and quite a few bears. From here they create international campaigns for Vodafone, Toyota, and Adidas. Their joint founder, Roger Stighall, explains how their remote location can be an advantage, and that they hope their example is an inspiration for small agencies with talented people, wherever they are based.

See the video here

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