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evzen hart


It's a well deserved award, but Evzen's achievements at Ogilvy cannot be summarised as 'building' the group, as M&M wrote. That would be to ignore the role of Alex Herdt. He was the previous CEO of Ogilvy, and had already recognised the potential of building an 'integrated 'group'. He already had the advantage of Vanda Wolfova and Dita Stejskalova to develop Ogilvy PR. Then Alex bought an agency called Quo, and in this way got Vladimir Solc, who would build Ogilvy One. Only after this did he buy BBK and Evzen. So the building blocks were in place. Yet Evzen did build on them very successfully. I respect Evzen most for honouring and exceeding the financial promises he made to WPP. Too many agency owners who are acquired by networks think that they can immediately put their feet up, but Evzen worked his socks off, and managed very well the diverse group of talented people under him. I believe WPP regard the purchase of BBK as one of their best, certainly in Europe. That, I think is the true measure of Evzen's achievement.

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