Wednesday, February 15




Under the Freedom of Information Law , (106), on Monday 13th February I sent the following request to the Ministry of Agriculture. By law they must reply to me within 15 days. We will publish their reply here.

Dear Sirs
Request for information, under the law 106/1999 Sb.

In accordance with my right obtain information under this law I am requesting that you send me the following:

The documents which Minister Bendl has available to him and which he referred to, in order to claim in public in the last two weeks that Budejovicky Budvar n.p. "spent 1 billlion CZK on marketing in three years" and "spent 400million CZK in one year". These documents should include a breakdown of all the categories of expenditure which contribute to the total sums which Minister Bendl has made public.

May I respectfully remind you that under the above-mentioned law, you should provide me with this information within 15 days. May I also say that I do not expect any request for cost -reimbursement from you regarding this request, since I am only asking for a copy of a document which Minister Bendl already has at his disposal.

Yours sincerely

Richard Hunt




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