Wednesday, March 28

Shedding light on Budvar, (part 3); The cheapest audit in town

another Freedom of Information request to the Ministry of Agriculture. You can see my questions and the answers in the attachment. The tender which HZ Consult won does not seem to me to be suitable for the choice of a service which depends on the quality of the people who provide the service (as opposed to a tender for a commodity such as stationary or telecoms services).


Thursday, March 22

Shedding light on Budvar (part 2); Bad management?

My consultancy deals in the selection and development of top management. Such managers expect to be evaluated on results; such results are quantified, and benchmarked. At the very top the CEO of a private company will be measured primarily on the profit delivered.


Tuesday, March 20

Shedding light on Budvar (part 1); Excessive marketing costs?

Having previously stated my concerns about the apparent politically driven attack on Budejovicky Budvar, I submitted two Freedom of Information requests to the Ministry of Agriculture on the matter. To the Ministry's credit, it complied fully with the FOI law (Law 106). Nevertheless, there was a positive development this week; Prime Minister Necas announced that "political" appointees to the supervisory board of Budvar, including JUDr Tomas Jindra, will be removed.


Monday, March 12

Iron Lady, or scrap metal?

Have you seen the film, "The Iron lady" yet? Somebody very badly wants you to do so. I cannot remember the last time I saw such a big local promotion for a foreign film, other than for Hollywood "blockbusters". There are two good things about.