Tuesday, November 16

What part of "Dekujeme, odejdete!" did you not understand?

On Wednesday 17th November, the Czech Republic commemorates the fall of Communism 21 years ago. As usual I will got to Narodni to place a candle and remember the people whose courage made it possible for me to be here at all. They won't care however, because by their recent actions they have shown us that 20 years later we still do not have a fully fledged democracy here.

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Tuesday, November 09

An accidental career

"Jon Steel", said Sir Martin Sorrell, at Forum Media, "is the best account planner on the planet". I'm not sure how many people in the audience knew the name. But I was probably the only other person in the room who could count Jon Steel as a work colleague.


Friday, November 05

Forum Media; voices from behind the Wall

At Forum Media I hosted a round table which considered the relationships between clients and agencies across Europe. Increasingly these relationships are not restricted national borders, nor do they rely on agencies to open offices in each territory where the campaigns run. Amsterdam Worldwide are part of the vibrant community of creative agencies who use Amsterdam as their base from which to work around the world.