Wednesday, October 27

Reflections on Sir Martin Sorrell at Forum Media

There are plenty of reports covering Sir Martin's speech both in HN and MaM, so this is just about those aspects which particularly interested me. Unlike many I know in the local advertising industry, I've always had a positive view of Sir Martin, and that certainly hasn't changed - even though he reminded me that he doesn't have such a positive view of pitch consultants. He spoke of his hope that the UK trial by The Times to put its on-line content behind a paywall, succeeds.


Tuesday, October 19

"Relationships across Borders - Are Czech clients and agencies missing out?" Forum Media, 25th October

At this round table next Monday, we will lift the curtain on Europe. Beyond our borders, independent agencies are winning assignments from clients based in different countries. Brian Elliott of Amsterdam Worldwide may help us understand what a city needs, to become a European creative hub.


Monday, October 11

Iniciativa Blob - Vote for Integrity!

Whatever you think of Jan Kaplicky's  winning design for the National Library (known as the ‘chobotnice' or the ‘Blob'), the way it was set aside by Prague City Hall was a disgrace, and a symptom of the wider malaise there. The ruling ODS politicians thought they could do what they like..


Thursday, October 07

The choices for the Prague voters

If you are still with me, perhaps I can interest you in how I see the choice (I won't bother discussing the Communists, or petty nationalists, as I assume none of you will bother with them either). ODS. It is not enough that they rearrange their top team and say "look, we've changed".


Wednesday, October 06

From now until October 16th, this blog will become shamelessly political.

Are the upcoming elections a suitable topic for my blog? Here is one very good reason; only 21 years ago such a discussion would have been impossible in this country. It is only because of what happened in November 1989 that am I here in Prague; and that you have your interesting and rewarding careers, and everything else which stems from that. This includes foreigners who like me have ‘trvaly pobyt'.